“TM House” Company

The company “TM House” provides services in the field of construction and interior design: the production of furniture, cast marble (artificial marble) for kitchen furniture and metal mesh.

Manufacture of Furniture to Order

“TM House” manufactures all categories of furniture in any style – both classic and modern, avant-garde and minimalist styles in accordance with new technologies. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there are different and functional types of furniture for every room. These types include chairs, sofas, cabinets, tables, cabinets and armchairs. When ordering furniture, you can choose the sizes and shapes of the furniture according to the dimensions of the room, the required functions and other types of furniture.

Cast Marble (Artificial Marble) for Kitchen Furniture

“TM House” company works as a manufacturer of cast marble (or artificial marble). If you are thinking of beautifying the top of your kitchen furniture or the front of your windows with marble, our company will be happy to help you create a unique and luxurious space. Custom marble is always a winning choice.

We create each marble design taking into account the requirements of the overall interior style, possibilities and wishes of the customer. Marble produced according to your drawings will help you realize the most daring ideas. A wide selection of materials allows you to create the color range of your dreams.

It will be enough to make artificial marble (cast marble) according to your optimized production budget. Our goal is to add additional beauty to the beauty of your beautiful and practical furniture or windows for your relaxation, which will help you and your guests feel comfortable, and appropriately zoning your home, office or favorite space.

Our professional designers will create artificial marbles (cast marbles) that will easily fit and complement your interior.

Metal Mesh (or Metal Nets) Production

“TM House” company also operates as a producer of metal nets (metal mesh). We manufacture metal nets of any size, made of quality Russian-made wire, according to your order, in a very short time.

Delivery, installation and, most importantly, customer satisfaction of the product manufactured by our professional craftsmen is one of the sensitive points for us. Ordering directly from the manufacturer will allow you to make metal mesh that fits your budget.